Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GRS Fund Raising

Im trying to raise the money for my GRS, also known as SRS.

This is an expensive endevor, if you can help, then thank you.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Ferret Friday. After hiatus.

So it's once again it's ferret Friday. Here we have little Isabell going after the ice cube that The Nine tail put in the cup. Also ice been on hiatus for about a month now, but spring is popping outside now so soon ill be able to finish the handles of the 3 dozen floggers that are in my secret lair.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A "Damp" Foxx

Short Erotic Story I wrote on my Fetlife account.

A "Damp" Foxx - By me (2012)

  She stepped out of the shower, and gently towled her body dry, then quietly wraping her green and purple hair in another bit of terrycloth. She also dones a short silk robe with a single Kangi symbol on the back. The release she got from her hand during the shower, has taken the edge off of her needs.

  She steps into the bedroom she shares with her werewolf lover and stealthly removes a odd slip of paper from its place of hideing in her closet, and slowly walks down the two flights of stairs to her private office in the basement of the house.

  Slowly closeing the door to the room, she places the slip of paper upon the inside of the door, and a light flairs from under her hand as the spell written upon the paper takes effect, the spell is twofold, ensureing the room mates continue their sleep undisturbed, and sealing her office against all not of her "Real" Family.
she walks over to her desk and checks things quickly on a few social networking and kink sites that she is active on, this done she sits back a moment and removes some very old hair sticks from their place of hideing, slowly she unwraps her hair from the terrycloth, then winds the hair into a smallish bun and places the hair sticks into it to, she smiles , and the seems to doze off.

  A few moments pass, and then two Fox Ears push from the top of the Humans skull, slowly her spirts body stands and steps from her human shell. her three flowing tails unwind behind her and she shakes her head a bit as her sleek muzzle unmashes into its proper form, shes inspects her sleek green furred limbs, before she strides over to what appears to be a foundation wall, she touches the old telphone jack with one gleaming claw and a doorway flairs into exsistance.

  She takes on last look at her human shell, then strides throung the doorway to her true underground secret lair, she decends the stairs past images of memorys of past lifes and her current life, till she lingers in front of one particuler image of her true spirit parrents, thankfull she doesen't have to filter things through human eyes here, a small smile crosses her face, then she walks on.

  She walks for sometime till she reaches her Steaming batheing chamber.  This chamber appears hewn from rock but there are several of what appear to be staind glass windows inset in the rock, her a daughter of Bast wearing a shineing metal circlet about her neck, There two more Children of Bast together the large striped male holding the handpaws of his female partner, yet another window shows a great She-bear, and another a great werewolf in all white howling at the moon above him, and another window shows a male with scales about his body and a mouth with many teeth, a pyrimid in the background.

  Not sure whose window she will step through today she slowly decends into the steaming waters close about her body she wonders whose call will come........

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ferret Friday once more

So here we are again, with another Ferret Friday Post,

Today is a photo of Epic cute,

Annika yawning after being scritched lightly.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ferret Frid...Errrr Saturday

Okay I'm a day late with ferret Friday.

But here we go, today's pic is Annika & Isabel being heart meltingly cute

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ferret Friday!

As a treat for the last Ferret Friday of the month, i have two photos to share today,

First up we have Isabell, who belongs to the Fluffy 9-Tail Foxx, asleep and in ferret confert mode,

Next we have my Little girl Annika, our little pale one, caught mid yawn

Well thats all for now

Arf Arf!